POD on Windows 98 with big screen

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POD on Windows 98 with big screen

Messagepar Skubidou » 30 nov. 2003 22:16

If you use a screen that allow a resolution of 2048*1536 for example, your pod will perhaps refuse to launch. You get the first menu, but before having the video...back to the desktop :cry:

Two solutions (depending on the drivers):

Open the registry (attention, using the registry is at your own risk, .... as said by MS ;) )
You will find one key (if you find more than one key, read the end of this message after making this part). This key is generally 'DEFAULT_MONITOR' or something describing your monitor model 'IVM2160' for Iiyama Vision Master Pro 512.
When you expand this key, you will find another key, called '0000' or '0001' in case of 'DEFAULT_MONITOR' or a key called 'PCI_VEN_.......' in other cases.
If in this key, you will find a 'MaxResolution' value, configured for example to '2048,1536', modify it to '1280,1024'. You will not be able anymore (until you correct the value again) to use resolutions greater than 1280*1024, but who care (except Rob ;) ), because Windows 98 is only used for Pod and Pod doesn't run in 2048*1536.
If you didn't found the 'MaxResoltion' value, check solution 2

Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Monitor]
You will find a key (in my case, '0000'). In this key, you will find the MaxResolution Value.
Make the changes as explain in 1.

Something more (only in test). Under the key '0000' from the second solution, there is a key called 'MODES', containing a key called '2048,1536' (this value is an example like explained in 1.) I created a new key '640,480' and copy the same informations found in the '2048,1536' (value named Modes). Apparently, it helps playing intro for people where intro block sometime. Solution? Hazard?

For those who have several keys in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Enum\MONITOR], and if none of the above solutions works, you should try to delete the key not corresponding to the actual monitor (if you have several keys, it's that several screens has been connected to the computer). It helps me went my screen broke and that i replaced it with an old one.


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