Horizon always is in front.

Every Podheads know the meaning of this section
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Horizon always is in front.

Messagepar Loonytom » 07 juin 2009 21:46

Pod runs very good on my system,
but I have a big problem with the horizon and other surfaces that should be behind others.

When I race, the horizon is always in front. That makes some tracks unplayable.
Its the same when you drive around corners. The wall right at the corner is behind the track that you should only see when you are around the corner.

Heres a picture:


You can see the horizon cuts the track at the red line. On the right side, there also are some things not covered, same with the rear wheels of my car, the normally are covered too.

Anyone got an idea?

My system is a Dell inspiron 1520 laptop
Intel Centrino core 2 duo 1,66 Ghz
1 Gig RAM
NVidia Geforce 8600M GT
XP Sp2

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