Get cars into 3ds Max

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Get cars into 3ds Max

Messagepar Loonytom » 28 mai 2009 0:09


I am a big Pod fan and I would like to create paper models of my favorite cars, like the one from the movie TRON here:

It is neccessary to get the cars into 3ds Max or another 3d designing program, but I dont know how to.
I only found a program for the textures so far, but not the actual 3d model.

I hope someone can help me. Of yourse I would post the plans afterwards, that everyone can create his own 3d Pod paper car.


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Re: Get cars into 3ds Max

Messagepar svfn » 29 oct. 2017 17:20

also wondering how to do it. i think there is a .bv4 viewer / exporter somewhere?

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Re: Get cars into 3ds Max

Messagepar Rob » 31 oct. 2017 21:57

Sik did some modifications on the Shark car, and released a "Lobster" version of that car. But I wonder if he was able to edit it directly into 3Dsmax. I might be wrong but I think he tweaked vectors coordinates directly in the matrix. After having a red pill or two of course.

He'd probably be able to tell you more about it, last time he posted here he looked good and in shape, sharing some pictures from his last trip and so on, it was here a few weeks ago, in french though :


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