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Messagepar Amazo_Phanto » 01 mars 2005 19:15

The cdpatcher keeps getting pod version wrong and looks for bl3 tracks instead of bl4. Is there an easy way to fix this without changing track extensions? It happened to me before, but it kind of sorted itself out...

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Messagepar BJ » 01 mars 2005 23:14

hi amazo, some tracks exist only in a "non cd-patchable" version. which track are you talking about?
greetz BJ

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Messagepar Skubidou » 02 mars 2005 1:41

Simply copy your D3D EXE (or create a fake EXE, even empty) under podx3dfx.exe (or wpod3dfx.exe).

CDPatcher looks for this exe to know if he need to copy BL4 files or BL3 files. If one of these EXE exist (even if you D3D EXE are still there), it copy BL4 files.


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