new worm at the internet!

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new worm at the internet!

Messagepar megapolpod » 28 janv. 2004 14:51

hi podies,

since careful, a new worm is in the Internet, it is called "mydoom" and is very dangerously, therefore do not open email's of where you do not know, from whom they are!

megapolpod :!:

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Messagepar Lazarus » 29 janv. 2004 17:15

Though this virus is very efficient in duplicating itself, it is not dangerous at all...
Its goal is only to make SCO website servers crash, by sending massive requests to their website from the 1st of February, until the 12th. Nothing more.

But please be careful with it because it's very annoying to delete dozens of mails everyday because of that...

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Messagepar Garreth » 29 janv. 2004 17:21

I agree with both of you, by the way : ... .tool.html

And, now version B is on the road and attacking Microsoft too !!

Novarg = mydoom :témor:

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