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Messagepar Siklist » 23 sept. 2003 16:36

Kevin Bitnick :mdddrrrrr:
hehe well if you worked hard, you certainly could be raised to a higher position : cleaning Ubi HQ in San Francisco and then... Btw, wasn't this server located in Montreal ?

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Messagepar Vortex » 23 sept. 2003 16:43

Well, actually the last time I spoke to Keving Bitnick, he told me there used to be several servers. The one named 'San Fran' actually was located in Montreal. Then there still were others like the 'Benelux' one. Plus there still was the 'WPL / Team Pod' server, though I remember that when I talked to UBI to have them install it for us, I was talking to GSMaster, who as far as I can remember was located in Montreal. Ah heck, who cares anyway, hehe ;-)

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Messagepar Ricochet » 24 sept. 2003 5:07

Alooooo Podheadz!
Is there something in the Water? Or is it the Smell of Fall fast approching that makes Old Podheadz seek one another out? Whatever the force, it's Great to see there are many who are still trying to Pull a Pod out of a Hat!!

Just dropped by to say Yo, keep up the Good Fight! Ohhh and if somehow you Boyz manage a way to have Pod Play well together with M$ WinXP....Lemme know, i'd Love a few runs around the track =)

XBonez AKA (in finer days) Ricochet

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Messagepar HAL » 24 sept. 2003 12:35

Sorry but I'm a :chuicon: in english...

So, i'm very very happy to see much of players around POD...

I have many things to say to you but...... in french :roll:
So, we are almost destroyed by POD but no yet...

C U in this dream world :ennehal:


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