Lagoon and Stock ported to POD2

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Lagoon and Stock ported to POD2

Messagepar NicoDE » 03 févr. 2009 18:03

Just in case that someone wants to use Lagoon and Stock on POD2...

My (con)versions of both OEM cars are available at POD PhReAk’s site (of course in the Cars section) in the usual CDPatcher2 format.

Notes about the conversion:
  • The major difference is the shadow. The POD1 vehicles include only a single shadow object, while the POD2 files have four objects (front/rear,good/ruined). I manually created the required shadow objects (based on the chassis mesh objects).
  • Even if the POD1 chassis meshes (rearR/rearL/sideR/sideL/frontR/frontL) include versions for each condition (good/damaged/ruined), the meshes are equal. Therefore you will not see your vehicle’s condition in the game (this is by design and will not be fixed).
  • The wheel positions of both cars have been changed to center the wheels in the wheelhouses.
  • The material names have been changed from "NEWCAR"/"NEWCAR2" to "Stock"/"Lagoon".
  • The *.meg files have not been modified.
  • The *.img files have been converted by adding the POD2 fields (unused palette).
  • The voitures.bin have been created from scratch.

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